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Why would you schedule a football meeting at the same time as a funeral THE ENTIRE TEAM has to go to. In the SAME PLACE. WHY.

(hello lj and dw!)


Today I worked a double shift. Dressed as Santa.

Sometimes karma is fucking laser guided.


  • I have finished and uploaded my yuletide (I.E. the first fic I've actually managed to finish in a year)
  • My boss wasn't in today
  • We got a load of My Little Ponies donated to work
  • Cute guy I like gave me his number
All in all a pretty good 24 hours!


What I do at work

Today I found a spider at work in the back room. Not just any spider, though. We have these locally (warning: what do you think you're going to see when you click that link). I personally don't have a problem with spiders. This was way too good a chance to pass up, though. I gently picked it up with a jumper. And put it on my boss's work area :)

The screaming was funny.

Have you been watching tv? I have been watching ALL THE TV this year it is great. Once Upon a Time and Terra Nova make me so fucking happy you have no idea. Also Person of Interest (Ben! Back on my telly!), the much-improved Boardwalk Empire and Grimm, which I am mostly watching to see Seymour from Burn Notice play Wolf from the 10th Kingdom.

Snapshot in bullet points

Yes, ino I keep saying my life is crazy at the moment but it rly is. I was in Ireland for the football final again (we're not talking about the match) and
  • we got kicked out of a kebab shop (turns out you can't make demeaning Father Ted references at bouncers in Ireland because they actually saw it
  • my friend fell off the top bunk, climbed back in, went back to sleep, woke up the next morning without a mark on her, asking 'so who fell out of bed last night?'
  • we had to forcibly eject two guys from the room at 4am. When our goalkeeper kicks you, you stay kicked. Also I managed to drag a guy right across the room. Still can't work out how I got the door open.
Last night was my friend's engagement party. Okay backstory: last time I went to visit her a few weeks ago, I slept with one of her boyfriend's friends (it was a costume party, he was dressed as Han Solo this is like catnip) so I was kind of looking forward to seeing him again! Immediately when I saw my friend, she and her boyfriend solemnly sat me down and said 'he's not coming. He crashed his bike into a tree yesterday and broke three ribs'. My thoughts in order:
  • Oh God I truly am some kind of grotesque freakshow
  • I kind of admire that kind of dedication to getting out of awkwardness?
OH MY GOD WHAT IS MY LIFE EVEN (I should probably add that there is some PMS involved in this thought process).

Sport Overdose.

I have just shouted myself hoarse coaching a bunch of twelve year old girls. We couldn't find them a girls team to play against so they mixed in with the boys. Every one of them is better than all the boys on that team. I feel awesome. Also come September I may have a second job going into the school to coach them. Also also my own game is tomorrow :D:

I did two races in the past couple of weeks. There was a two mile handicap which is going to go down as the only race I will ever win in my life (19:47! When did I start ten minute miling?). Hilariously it's the one thing in the club that my dad never won. Mine is the BIG cup :D

On Sunday I did a 5k in 30:46. I sprinted the last 200m and did not make it out of the finishing funnel, taking a little nap. Face down. In the dirt. My friends responded to this with "There's another race in three weeks! We'll get you under 30 by then :)" I love/hate those guys.

EDIT: Meant to put this up last week. I love my job.

Hello I suck at updating

In the past couple of weeks I have broken my printer, my phone, my bag and some muscles in my leg. Fortunately I fixed everything bar the phone (shiny new phooooooooooooooone!)

I would watch the fuck out of this spin-off. Also the frat boys on the wall one, and a Varys/Littlefinger road trip.

I have been spending too much time reading various texts from last night, especially the A-Team and X-Men ones. But why are all the ones that apply to me Magneto ones?

I was deeply fucking amused by how every time in the movie when Magneto got a little crazier, the Irish accent got a little more noticeable. Seriously, by the last scene it was 'Wheeeeeeee let's kill everything! Ciarrai abu!'


Rome braces for 'prophet-predicted quake'

Thousands of people are reported to be staying out of Rome for the next few days, over fears the city will be hit by a huge earthquake.

The panic was sparked by rumours that seismologist Raffaele Bendandi, who died in 1979, predicted the city would be devastated by a quake on 11 May.


Spain: Earthquake rocks Lorca, Murcia, killing 10


(also I'm halfway through the last ASOIAF book. I ship Tyrion/Sansa. I am rly sorry about this. I think it's lingering affection from Steerpike/Violet if Violet was less dippy and Steerpike was less evil. And shorter)


Game of Thrones/ASOIAF

I always said I wasn't going to read it until it was done. But here I am after watching a couple of eps of the show, reading the damn thing.

This shit is actually pretty great so far. Who knew? Tell me what/who you like and don't like, people who read it, please.



Liechtenstein for hire at $70,000 a night.

Come on you guys it's only £300 each! We get in there. And then. Then we strike from the inside.

(Hello, I'm not dead. I just got a new job that ATE MY LIFE for a couple of months)

Boardwalk Empire

Totally not the kind of show I normally watch, but I really liked it. Some points of note:

I'm actually from Kerry originally, and I spent the first few episodes listening to one character and going "...is that a Kerry accent? She sounds like she's from Kerry :DDDDDD" There's this whole varying pitch thing that I've never heard anywhere else in the world, and she's got it down perfect. A bit like uptalkers, except in our case it's allovertheplace talkers. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS PLEASES ME. She just needs to drop her Y's a bit.

There is this one character who is a disfigured assassin who wears a mask and cannot connect with people until he starts to share pop culture references with them. I know what comics the writers have been reading and I approve.

Al Capone: prankster, is wonderful to watch and I hope he doesn't grow up too much.

Then there's the federal agent who spends the entire season very slowly losing it. This isn't funny (oh, who am I kidding, the bit where he drowns his partner by pretending to baptise him is fucking gold) until you realise he is actually being trolled by God.




You guys. There are lady BFFS. In a comic book movie. WHAT IS GOING ON. Oh and at least one of them appears to be awesome.

I actually started reading Thor recently, just to see what the craic was. It's good! Of course, I don't actually give a damn about Thor in the slightest, but I love everyone else, especially Loki and Volstagg.

I spent the weekend in Derbyshire with a bunch of runners. I used to say runners were all lightweights. They are only MOSTLY lightweights. Sometimes they are sneaky and get everyone else drunk and make them spill who they have crushes on and then say they can do something about that and ARGH. Also, Derbyshire is MADE OF MUD. PAST MY ANKLES. I seriously had to use the powerwasher to clean my trainers.

Swine flu: it's funtiems.

UUUURGH that was horrible. I lost seven pounds in five days and made the mistake of hanging out with runners today. They looooooove weight loss. I had to threaten to sneeze on them. On the upside, I managed to keep the whole running thing from my football team and spent the first day of the new season HEROICALLY SPRINTING PAST THEM at training. I don't think I've seen so many people go "..." IRL before. It was great.

Also, I figured out why I'm such a bad Manic Street Preachers fan, and love their commercially stuff way more than their proper stuff. It's because he enunciates so much more clearly in the commercial stuff. James Dean Bradfield, why do you hate me?


Release the Drop Bears!

Oh my God how have I lived without Nextwave in my life until now? Also anyone ever saying anything nice about Cap is getting this:



So. Many. Comics. I'm reading Ms. Marvel right now because the guy who wrote it did the Sinister Spider-Man miniseries that I loved. I've been rly rly pleased with it so far! It actually did a good job of Civil War (and the fact that the only convincing Pro-Reg argument I've ever seen was made by DEADPOOL tells you everything you need to know about Civil War. I love Wade and that's why I abuse him) and I love the entire supporting cast. Who are mostly also ladies!

I've also been reading a bunch of Fred Van Lente comics because I loved his Taskmaster miniseries. Seriously, if they erase the Apache main characters from the film version of Cowboys and Aliens I am going to pitch a fucking fit. GO READ COWBOYS AND ALIENS. IT'S GOOD.

Also I wrote some Haven fic for yuletide.


Happy Christmas all!

So, my cousin managed to fall down five whole steps at his works Christmas party and brain himself. He came out of the coma the next day and started speaking the day after. Apparently he's not making sense all the time, but that's normal for him. And like, of course this is an awful thing to happen and I love the guy and hope he gets better, but seriously. Five whole steps. You moron.

This is the yuletide fic that was written for me and it is really wonderful. Other great yuletide fics include one for A Study in Emerald, Kate Beaton, Hyperbole and a Half, Iron Fist, Northanger Abbey, two Toby Daye fics and this MASSIVE Haven fic.

Also, have a look at this.

Finally, because I am an idiot and forgot to say before, thank you very much to the person who bought me paid time ♥
Have a shitload of different versions of Fairytale of New York (including the original). These two also deserve video, because they are awesome.

Also I am writing a threesome sex scene in my yuletide and it is even more difficult than regular sex scenes. I made a diagram to help get everyone in the right place!




Title: How Hannibal Got His Groove Back
Author: shadowkitty
Mix: shinymessoyay
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairing(s): B.A./Murdock, a little Face/Sosa and Pike/Lynch.
Warnings (if any): None I can think of, but if anything squicks you I'll add it in.
Summary: Post-movie, Murdock’s concussed, Hannibal’s confidence is shattered, Face is still riding the plan high and B.A. just wants his mama van.

The mix by shinymessoyay (which is pretty much perfect) is here.

Also on Ao3.

Fic!Collapse )